some examples of past missions

Hanoi Innovation Summit

Co-directed the creation of a summit about innovation and sustainability. Managed 15+ people to build the summit in less that 2 1/2 months. Secured 3000+ participants and increased the visibility of Schoolab in Asia.

Engie Now!

For a seminar regrouping the 1000 world leaders of Engie, I designed workshops to work on internal projects which help them, or their clients, to achieve the zero carbon goal. Recruted 40+ coaches, 35+ designers to create the prototypes, and built those workshops alongside Publicis Live, who was responsible for the conferences.

France TV - innovation coordination

Assessed the current innovation processes of France TV throughout multiple interviews and facilitated workshops to find the right methods and rituals to implement considering the current architecture.

C-MonEtiquette - corporate innovation implementation

Responsible of the whole innovation framework of the company to improve the internal innovation mindset, develop the client relation during testing phases and the identification of new product to be developed.